Oncomycosis or fungal nail infection is an ailment which is characterized by the thickening of the nails. This is one of the most dreaded nail ailments which affect both men and women from various age groups. This fungal infection starts off with the nail beds and can entail some arduous treatments.

The development of fungal nail infection starts off with the yellowish and brownish discoloration of the nail. The infection progresses and it can even cause a foul smell from the toenails. This can be an embarrassing condition thus a lot of people are on the look-out for helpful tips on how to manage this stubborn infection.

There are several factors which increase the risk of this type of foot infection which include warm climate, tight footwear and sometimes it can be genetic.

Here are some of the useful tips on how treat and manage fungal nail infection:

1. Wear proper footwear. In this way you can avoid the development of fungal infection. You can even help in preventing the re-occurrence of the infection. If you are wearing your shoes, you protect you feet from the dust particles which could cause the fungal infection.

2. You must make sure that you wear clean and dry socks. Your socks should protect your feet during physical activities and should help you to prevent infections such as oncomycosis. If you wear wet or dirty socks you are inviting the bacteria and fungi to thrive on your feet.

3. Practice daily grooming and proper hygiene. Growing nails should be trimmed. Long nails can harbor dust, dirt and other pathogens which could trigger the development of fungal infection.

4. Always make sure your feet are dry before you put on your shoes or socks. If you need to wear shoes, make sure you use cotton socks to allow air to flow in and out of your feet. Cotton is very absorbent and it can help to remove moisture off from your feet.

5. Home remedies can be used as well if you want to eradicate fungal nail infection. Use olive oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. Tea tree oil can be a potent remedy since it stops the bacteria from proliferating.

6. Fungi can spread rapidly on damp, moist and dark places. Proper protective footwear in a public bath or swimming pool is very important. Avoid sharing towels and other personal kit. In this way you can help to prevent the spread of fungi.

7. One home remedy you can try is the use of vinegar in order to cure fungal nail infection. The acidic level of the vinegar acts on the fungi itself. A foot soak can make you feel pampered while your fungal infection is being addressed by the vinegar.

8. Epsom salt can be a remedy as well to cure fungal nail infection. An Epsom salt bath is perfect in getting rid of oncomycosis.

Source by Chris Towland

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