The more advanced we are getting, the crueler we are turning out to be. The increased atrocities on animals firmly establishing this fact. In order to combat the animal atrocities, Lucy’s Law has been introduced. As a human being, all have a responsibility to protect wildlife and making this planet a better place to live for everyone. Strong initiatives need to be taken to stop any sort of atrocities on animals and as dogs are our favorite among all other animals, we must try to immune people from harming these faithful cute little animals.

How can dog lovers support the initiative?

From framing a law to its implementation, the entire process is not only complicated but also time-taking. As a dog lover, you simply can’t wait till the Lucy’s Law gets recognition. There are few things you can do until Lucy’s Law gain its legal confirmation.

This highly cruel and barbaric business flourished because there are people who buy puppies from the third party dealers. Be a responsible pet lover and stay away from buying dogs instead consider adopting a puppy. And you could also encourage others not to go for puppy shopping when they can easily adopt a dog from a shelter house.

Carry on the crusade against the treatment of dogs as a commodity and a breeding machine in the puppy farm by using your personal contacts, social media and other popular channels.

Show your support for the organizations that are battling for the rights and good causes of the dogs. You don’t need to give them financial support but at least you can show your verbal support to them. Share their posts and like their pages and prompt others to do the same.

Make everyone around you aware and well-informed about the atrocities suffered by dogs in the puppy farms and try to generate a social awareness. The more information people will have, the more effective the campaign will become.

Lucy is a representative of thousands of dogs that are going through brutal torture, heartless treatment and malicious handling every day in a puppy house by a group of men who can stoop lower than a beast just for making money. Raise your voice and show your support are the best way to be a part of this movement. Just like Lucy was rescued and spent her last few years in the loving care of her owner, we wish every dog will find a home where he can be treated utmost care, love and affection.

Source by Avijit Paul

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