Whenever we talk about Perfume, Fragrance or Cologne – the essence of attraction comes to our mind. There is nothing like a good perfume, whose smell turns you on and gives you the feeling of freshness. We choose them as light or heavy, or fruity or floral. The whole idea of perfume is based on our sense of smell.

The basic ingredients are combined to create a general cologne theme. Colognes are naturally occurring chemicals found in animals and humans, which elicit sexual behavior and attracts opposite sex. Scientists have succeeded in identifying, isolating, and recreating this human sex pheromone cologne. These natural colognes have been well documented to trigger very powerful sexual responses.

Perfume and cologne has been used by many people all throughout the history to make themselves attractive. The actual makeup of the colognes hasn’t been changed much since ancient time, except that now there are an increasing number of synthetics used.

Perfume and cologne are the most innovative and popular brands among today’s men and women. Both finds good popularity among the customers as well as becomes the luxurious item. In the past, perfume and cologne products were not widely used by the common people instead they were popular among rich people.

Today there are hundreds of varying colognes available in the market, in the form of body lotion, scents, gels, shave creams etc and most of them come in beautiful and unique bottles. Changing perfumes with attractive package is another practice that has been brought down through the ages. Most of these perfume bottles are so attractive that the collectors are now trading them on the Internet.

This way perfume and cologne finds its reputation all over the world and large number of manufacturers has started producing different varieties of products for the customers. Now more and more these products are manufactured and sold in the market using different ingredients and flavors, due to which a large number of people started purchasing perfume and cologne.

The main reason behind the usage of perfume and fragrance is that they are made up of essential oils, woods, fruits, vegetables, herbs and other natural products due to which people prefer to use these products during different occasions, festivals and climates. Another reason for using perfume and cologne is that they are very much cost effective.

Nowadays perfumes are also used for attracting partners for sex. The perfume not only gives nice smell but also attract opposite sex to be wild on you. This is the reason why many male and female attractants are gaining popularity in the market.

Source by Linda Tom

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