The worst thing that can happen to a woman who is into a guy is to be led on not knowing how a guy feels for her, and eventually miss out on a perfectly great opportunity for a wonderful relationship. Women seldom know it, but they actually have everything it takes to make a man reciprocate the attraction they feel. How can women create intense attraction with a man? Here are seven untold answers to this question that have bothered several ladies in love.

Begin with the right mentality.

What exactly does this mean? It is human nature – when one has a crush on somebody, the next question is, “Does he like me back?” So follows a litany of insecurities. “What if I’m not pretty enough?” or “What if my legs are not long enough?” or “What if my hair’s not blonde enough?” Insecurity shows, and if you begin with a strong mindset, it will be easier to read his signs later on.

Keep beauty at its most natural.

Whether you are looking for someone to fill your cold nights, or someone to really stay in your life, you should know that the physical always counts. The most attractive women wear their skin naturally – this means less of the superficial stuff. Makeup, flashy clothes and fragrances are great things to experiment with – but in reality, guys don’t like kissing sticky made-up lips, looking at too much skin (or watching other guys stare at their girls’ skin) and too many sprays of fragrance has always been migraine-causing to guys.

Know how to catch his eye subtly.

You will not catch his eye by acting up. Many women make the mistake of turning on an attitude that overwhelms men – they become too boisterous and start dancing like crazy. These only tell men how desperate you are for attention, and even if you do catch his eye, there will definitely be no attraction there. A bright smile and a confident look in the eye are often all it takes to hook a guy.

Create the right amount of mystery.

Guys love intrigue, but they also hate quizzes. It is important to strike a balance between the two. For instance, during a conversation and he asks what you do for a living, saying “Well, I nurse dying animals back to life” is more comical and amusing than “I am a resident veterinarian at Wilburn Community Pet Center”, which is trite and too direct.

Know when and how to laugh.

Guys like to crack jokes. It’s a staple for them to be funny when they are talking to a girl. Saying “Oh! That is so funny” every time and then throwing back your head to laugh for one entire minute is not an effective way to create attraction. Pretty soon a guy will notice how hard you’re trying, and your overly patronizing attitude will soon be a bore.

Never ever dump your love truck on him.

You got those emotions you can barely contain, and well, he’s managed to remain nonchalant. If he’s been acting like he just wants to be friends, never ever fall into that trap of having to make the first move desperately. Do not get him a gift “just because”, write him a love letter, send him lunch at work, and never call him several times a week, especially if he hasn’t returned the first call. The truth is, he may like you, but once you start turning on these tricks, he will get the urge to run away as fast as he can.

Do not go home with him on the first night.

You may think to yourself, “I sure am not a prude”, but if you are looking for a guy to really go crazy thinking about you, give it time. Guys are opportunists by nature. They will go after anything that’s willing. If they are into you, and you are only too ready to give them what they want, they won’t find reason to talk to you in the morning. But, if you wait it out for a few weeks, you’ll give him time to build that attraction into something real.

Source by Russell Jackson

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