Body hair removal is something which men are starting to make more and more seriously, particularly in today’s metro sexual society. It wasn’t too long ago that men really weren’t too fussed about their overall appearance but now male personal grooming is becoming more and more popular. The look of a hairy man is slowing becoming less fashionable and for that reason more men are looking for easy options for the removal of hair.

So what are the options? A few years back there weren’t really that many options, especially not in salons or clinics as these have always been aimed more at the female population. But now more men are looking into the removal of excess hair there are more options appearing on the market. The most popular options currently include:

  • Razor/shaving
  • Waxing
  • Laser removal
  • Hair removal cream

Using a razor to remove unwanted hair from the body is the most common way that men use to shave, particularly on the face, but there are also a few men who shave other regions with a razor blade. But whilst a razor blade might be the most common method of shaving for men it’s certainly not the best. The biggest problem with conventional shaving is that it has to be repeated every few days and this can lead to soreness in certain areas as well as ingrowing hairs when the hair grows back.

Waxing is something which most men tend to avoid, it’s a common procedure for women though. Whilst most men do avoid waxing due to pain, embarrassment and other things it’s actually a good method of hair depilation because it doesn’t require redoing after a few days. Waxing will often last a few weeks without having to be redone, this is one of the reasons it’s most popular.

Lasering is a type of hair removal which requires the man to visit a clinic, it comparison to most other techniques laser removal lasts a lot longer and in most cases will be permanent. However the one major problem with laser removal is the expense of it, it’s significantly more expensive that all other methods and that’s the main reason that most people avoid it.

Finally, one of the more popular methods of removing hair which males are starting to turn to is hair removal creams. These creams are inexpensive, effective and they the length of time they last in in between conventional shaving methods and laser removal methods.

Source by James D Preston

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