Whether it’s for a boyfriend, a date, a husband, a crush, or an ex, sometimes, women want to be physically attractive to guys. It’s definitely a good ego boost for a woman when the guy she likes admires her appearance. But what steps does one have to take in order to accomplish this? Here are some tips on how to look cute for a guy.

Step # 1: The Perfect Outfit

Clothing choices definitely figure in how to look cute for a guy. The clothes need not be expensive or flamboyant – they just need to have the proper fit and style for the woman. Some men even like the simple look better. Revealing too much skin doesn’t give off the cute vibe, so it’s best if women avoid doing this.

Step # 2: Accessories

Sometimes, all it takes is to jazz up a woman’s appearance with accessories. Aside from accenting a woman’s best features, right accessories also make the way she looks more memorable.

Step # 3: Light Make-up

While putting on make-up is not necessary, it definitely helps a girl look cuter to a guy. Some eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and blush can do wonders to enhance a girl’s appearance. Of course, it is important not to go overboard. Most men prefer the barely-there, natural look on women.

Step # 4: Good Hygiene and Grooming

Having good hygiene and grooming should be practiced in general and not just with the intention of looking cute for a guy. When a woman is clean and hygienic all throughout, she becomes more physically attractive to men. Sloppiness is a turn-off.

Step # 5: The Right Body Language

How a woman moves and carries herself are just as attractive as how she looks – maybe even more. This is especially true when her movements indicate that she is interested in him. In order to look cute for a guy, a woman has to be confident and receptive. If she looks angry or sad all the time, the guy would have second thoughts about approaching her.

Step # 6: Sparkling Conversation

The ability to engage in interesting conversations can help a girl look cute for a guy. This will make him appreciate her for more than just her looks. Men find it pleasing when a woman they like tries to find out about their interests. A woman can score points in the cute department if she can pull this off.

Step # 7: Be Yourself

This might sound cliché, but trying to pass oneself off as something she is not is a repulsive quality. In fact, a guy will think a girl to be cute if she’s comfortable and secure with who she is. On the other hand, if she’s not being genuine, he will discard her as shallow and superficial.

Source by Krista Hiles

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