When it comes to women, men have a very vivid imagination. So, if you want to tickle his fancy, you really don’t need to go as far as touch him. All you need to do is channel your sensuality via his other senses:

Use your eyes.

The look in your eyes, when used correctly, can send shivers down his spine. This is why it’s important to learn proper eye make-up techniques – it has a lot to do with arousing a man’s senses. Seduce him with your gaze, give him a sexually challenging stare, take meaningful glances at his lips – or further down.

Use your lips.

The lips (and tongue)… these are highly visible sexual parts of the body. What you do with them during your conversations can send his imagination soaring. Lick your lips meaningfully, pout at times, suck your spoon or straw. Try biting your lower lip. Do subtle sexy smiles – use one that doesn’t show your teeth.

Use your hands.

Have really nice manicured fingernails. Red seems to have more sexual undertones than other colors. Rubbing your finger on surfaces, as though nonchalantly playing with them, such as the rim of drinking glass, the table top, or your arm can be very seductive. Twirl your hair with your fingers, too (but don’t overdo it or you’ll look like a complete cuckoo).

Use your body.

There are body positions that look utterly sexy. Try not to be so stiff. A curvy posture is more sensual than a totally straight one. Relax. Give an air that you are comfortable in your own skin and that you simply love being a woman.

Use your clothes.

Wear clothes that flaunt your best female assets. Be proud of your femininity – and let him know that you are. Use fabric, color and cut to make him drool. Remember not to reveal too much skin – leave some for the imagination.

Use your scent.

There are strong perfumes and there are subtle scents. Go for the latter. Choose one that blends well with your natural female scent. Let him want to move in closer. Make him long to explore your skin. And don’t forget nice-smelling hair and fresh breath.

Choose your words.

Although some may recommend that you should go for dirty talk, you would be on safer ground if you go for the subtle approach. Instead of straightforward sex talk, go for sexual undertones. Let him use his imagination.

Source by Krista Hiles

Desoto, TX 75115

The BGC Apparel Co 2021.  All rights reserved.

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