In the area of sex, men are pretty simple. We see a hot girl and within a few seconds, we are turned on. Women are more complex than this. It takes longer to turn on a girl on because they need more than just visual stimulation. If you have cool female friends, ask them what they think about when they masturbate. Often, they will describe a scenario of sitting by a fireplace with romantic music playing, kissing passionately with their boyfriend. You see, for women, sex is a very mental thing. So for a girl to be turned on, we need to awaken ALL of her senses.

Voice – Use a deep, masculine voice (almost like a hypnotist would). Whisper in her ear. Use sensual language, not sexual. Women love to hear vivid descriptions of ideas, feelings and scenarios. Once she links your deep whisper in her ears to her feelings of arousal, you can then instantly turn on a girl anywhere and anytime, simply by whispering in her ear using the same sexual voice tone. In NLP terms, this is know as “anchoring.”

Atmosphere – Light some aroma candles in your room and dim the lights. Have some romantic or ambient, meditative type music playing in the background. Use silk sheets on your bed. Use fragrances to set the mood, such as scented oils or incense. Pleasurable smells can instantaneously change one’s mood. Make your room sensual and romantic for her. You don’t want to be the guy with McDonald’s cheeseburger wrappings lying around your room floor.

Touching – Be deliberate when you touch her. What I mean is don’t start groping her as soon as your start kissing. Hold back and make her want it more. Sensually touch her in novel ways, such as gently scratching using the back of your finger nails or feather-like caresses. The back of her neck and the small of her back are sensitive areas.

Kissing – Women place a huge importance on kissing, so don’t rush this stage. If you really want to learn how to turn on a girl and drive her wild with desire, learn to kiss a woman passionately. Kissing alone is enough to take a woman to near orgasm! Kiss her gently and slowly. Take your time. The longer, the better. Try to awaken her senses. Kiss her anywhere you’d like. The neck, ears, stomach and back are all good starting points. The inside of her legs is very erogenous. At times, hold back and make her want you more. This will further turn her on and increase her desire for you.

Most men are either too lazy or selfish put in the time to become an incredible lover (even though that one of the three things men want more than anything else in their life is an extraordinary sex life.) Don’t be a statistic. Be the 1% of guys who really know how to turn on a girl and keep the relationship exciting for as long as you want.

Your special woman will love you for it.

Source by Luke Victor

Desoto, TX 75115

The BGC Apparel Co 2021.  All rights reserved.

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