Sex is crucial in an intimate relationship. Too often though, the hustle and bustle of life takes over and before you know it, your intimate sessions end up being a quick romp under the bedcovers with the lights turned off. Sounds familiar?

Take advantage of occasions such as wedding anniversaries, valentines and birthdays to bring back the spark. According to sexologist Aleida Heinz, for your sexual experience to be enhanced you need to stimulate most or all of 5 senses and turning your bedroom into a love haven with this in mind can make that special occasion or the more special.

#1 Sight: ” Men are visual” is a cliché but a very true one at that. Other than turning him on as soon as he walks through that bedroom door, lingerie will make you feel sexy and confident. Put on that new piece of lingerie and he will be looking forward to the next anniversary. We no longer have an excuse because lingerie comes in all sizes and designs.

Red has often been referred to as the color of love and understandably so. In color psychology, red is the most emotionally intense color; it stimulates a faster heartbeat and breathing which are physiological responses associated with lovemaking. Too much of red in your room however would make it difficult for your heart rate to go back to normal after sex and could cause disturbance in your sleeping pattern.

For this reason it’s best to go with lighter shades or blends of red such as pink and peach and use solid red as an accent color on maybe one of the bedroom walls, curtains or part of bedding.

#2 Smell: Use his favorite scent on your body lotion or perfume. You can buy him a body wash in your favorite scent and encourage him to use it at night before getting into bed. I still remember the cologne my husband was using when we first met and yes, every time I smell it on him today I get nostalgic. Burn scented candles in the room but remember to place them away from the bed and drapes to avoid accidents.

#3 Touch: A good number of us believe that Silk bedding is best when it comes to love making. The feel of silk rubbing against the skin is enchanting. Silk is however expensive and harder to maintain than regular sheets. You can opt for those that have the highest quality of thread-count such as pure cotton.

#4 Taste: Strategically place aphrodisiac foods such as chocolates, bananas, apples, marshmallows and wine in the room and feed each other before, during and even after sex. The best kinds of foods are those that can be eaten with the hands. This way the physical connection is maintained the entire time. Chocolate fondue can be poured onto your bodies and you can feast off of each other if that is your cup of tea. It’s fun and messy but you need to consider the repercussions of the food on your bedding.

#5 Sound: Play some soft serenading music in your bedroom. We are advised to keep televisions out of the bedroom but if you have one, put an erotic show on or love guide to set the mood. The choice of music will depend on what you both like but I think no one can go wrong with some rhythm and blues.

Source by Susan Aquila Mburu

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