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If you are almost starving yourself to death and exercising yourself to exhaustion but seem to only lose a few pounds, then you might have underlying problems that prevent you from losing weight. If you have tried almost all weight loss programs imaginable and still cannot seem to find a solution to shedding those unwanted pounds, do not blame yourself and feel down. If you have honestly worked hard to lose weight but did not get the results you were seeking, you may probably have a thyroid dysfunction.

Link Between Thyroid Problems And Weight Gain

The gland that is responsible for producing hormones to boost your metabolism, among other things, is the thyroid gland. Thus, if anything happens to your thyroid, your metabolism and your weight will be greatly affected.

Unfortunately for you and me, the thyroid gland gets easily affected by almost anything you put inside your mouth and the state of environment you are in. Environmental chemicals, food allergies, lifestyle choices, stress and nutritional deficiencies all play a role in causing subtle changes in your thyroid’s performance. In fact, a study has shown that toxins and chemicals, such as bromide, fluoride and chlorine, bolster thyroid hormone production, leaving you with only a few of this hormone to manage your metabolic rate – or the rate by which you burn fat.

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

Constipation, cracked nails, cramps, decline in sexual libido, dry skin and hair, loss of hair, muscle aches, and uncontrolled weight gain. These are but a few of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. If you think you are displaying many of the signs mentioned, you should talk with your doctor and ask for a laboratory test to check the state of your thyroid. Since the indications of a thyroid problem are very similar to many diseases, doctors sometimes fail to recognize the disease so you can be proactive and ask your physician for laboratory tests.

Steps To Take To Manage Your Thyroid Woes

If you find out that you indeed have thyroid dysfunction, do not fret. You are not the only person who is suffering from this disease. This disorder has become so common in the US because of pollution, improper food choices and very busy and demanding lifestyle we all live in. What you have to do now is to follow the steps below to help you deal with your problem:

Step 1: Know The Cause Of The Problem And Try To Eliminate It

The first thing you should do is to determine what causes your thyroid problems and try to eliminate them. If the root of the problem is nutritional deficiencies, then you should take vitamin and mineral supplements that can help you deal with the deficiencies. If the problem is stress, then find a way to relax and rest. It is important to note that if you do not stop the cause, your thyroid dysfunction will just go on, no matter what types of medications and management steps you take.

Step 2: Be Mindful Of What You Are Eating

It is now time to take particular care of what you are eating. Do not just go on fad diets and deprive yourself of food. It will be better for your health and that of your thyroid to take a more balanced diet and eat foods that are nutritional.

Step 3: Move Your Butt

Exercise regularly. This will help reduce stress and may also help jumpstart your metabolism. Or at least, coupled with healthy eating, prevent you from getting even bigger and adding on more pounds.

Step 4: Discuss The Best Thyroid Management Approach With Your Doctor

It is wise to talk with your doctor about the best recourse in managing your problems. Ask about the safety of thyroid hormone replacement therapy and what you need to do to remedy the situation.

Step 5: Take supplements

Your thyroid needs all the help it can get to function properly. Thus, you need to take supplements that are known to help protect the thyroid, such as Vitamins D and A, selenium, fish oils and zinc.

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