Some great news for those seeking help finding love. New research has shown that oxytocin which is inhaled triggers many of the same responses that natural oxytocin release causes. Oxytocin has long been known to be the hormone secreted during labor and childbirth. It is attributed to the bonding between mother and child and also released during sex and also during physical affection. Researchers found that after inhaling oxytocin, subjects became more trusting of people. In the frustrating and often cruel game of human courtship, men look for ways to attract women much the same as women do to attract men. Pheromone laced perfumes as well as aphrodisiac laced colognes are sold everywhere promising to help people who don’t know how to fall in love any other way. If oxytocin proves to be the true “love hormone”, will its exploitation have unethical and immoral ramifications?

A company called Vero Labs has produced an odorless, colorless spray that can be applied several hours before an interaction. The difference between their innovative application and the inhaled form is that theirs is intended to affect others as well as the person who is aware of its presence. This exposes anyone within sniffing range to the involuntary yet pleasant affects of the substance. While this seems to be an underhanded tactic, it is not at all different than much of the stimuli already being utilized. Casinos pump oxygen through the ventilation systems to keep players awake. Advertisers often incorporate sights, scents and sounds to influence shoppers in department stores. Throughout the normal day people are bombarded with obvious and subtle marketing campaigns targeting their emotions. If these emotions are pure chemical responses, then there should be no fault in tapping directly into these chemicals in order to facilitate the desired outcome.

Vero Lab has a disclaimer on its products site that states “We are strongly opposed to the use of Liquid Trust or any other thing for immoral or illegal manipulations of people. We truly hope that you will only use our products when you have the other person’s best interest in mind.” While the product can be abused much like plenty of others available, is it so much different to use Liquid trust than it is to wear Channel #5? I doubt even the most potent of either of these two chemicals is going to overcome strong negative feelings or salvage a doomed relationship. A harmless boost to the brains trust receptors may end up bringing much more love into a world that relies too much on artificial and unnatural drugs.

Source by David Defries

Desoto, TX 75115

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