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Mexican food is delicious fare. What’s not to like? The powerful aromas and flavors hailing from south of the border are on display in practically every dish. Plus, what other cuisine lets you order a burrito the size of a small child? Nevertheless, despite its deliciousness, Mexican food can be pretty unhealthy. All that gooey cheese, savory meat and cool sour cream adds up, not to mention the gastric bomb that is the aforementioned child sized burrito. Still, there are plenty of ways you eat healthy with Mexican cuisine while still enjoying the flavors of our neighbors to the south.

The key to eating healthy with Mexican food is opting for better choices when selecting your meal. For instance, creamy guacamole is a staple of many Mexican dinners. While avocado is high in protein and vitamins, it is equally high in calories and fat. Instead of getting chips and guacamole, spring for chips and salsa in order to cut out needless calories. You’ll likely save money in the process too.

Mexican salsas are tomato based, a vegetable rich in vitamins A and C and lycopene, a potent anti inflammatory and possible cancer fighting agent. Furthermore, tomatoes and Mexican salsas in general are very low in calories and virtually free of carbohydrates but big on flavor. Even the humble tortilla chip is a relatively healthy food compared to potato chips. Combing chips and salsa together makes for a tasty and nutritious start to your meal.

Other healthy Mexican options abound as well. Many people may not be familiar with Mexican seafood dishes but these choices are excellent sources of healthy Mexican cuisine. Ceviche, a dish of raw seafood that is cooked at your table by adding lemon juice, may not be the first thing that pops into people’s minds when thinking about Mexican food, but it is a dish packed with protein, vitamins and heart healthy fatty acids that is low in fat and calories.

Still, who can pass up a taco or burrito? If you’re looking to eat healthy Mexican style you can still have these staple dishes. However, make sure you take control and build your meal to your specifications. Cut out the sour cream from your next taco or burrito platter. The high calorie and fat content can quickly weigh you down. If you can’t stand to be apart from your beloved garnish, at least order it on the side so you can control how much you apply.

Furthermore, choosing the right meat can be a way of shaving off some extra calories. Steak, ground beef and pork may be delicious, but so is tongue and chicken. Surprisingly, tongue has a taste and consistency very similar to steak. However, it is virtually fat free as it is a super lean cut of meat. You won’t even taste the difference, but your waist line will thank you.

Small changes can snowball into much larger fixes. Take control of your food.

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