It may not be seen as often as the face or other body parts, but a smooth, supple penis is always a good look. Many men overlook the penis when it comes to moisturizing or they believe the lotions they use when self-pleasuring count as quality moisturizing. What many men don’t realize is ordinary lotions can often contain unpronounceable ingredients which are likely too harsh or have too many added fragrances and chemicals making their formulations much more detrimental than helpful. Now, no one is suggesting taking a spa day for the penis or some billion dollar an ounce cream to make the penis shiny and wrinkle free (penises have wrinkles – it’s their thing), but a natural, quality cream specially formulated for the male anatomy is the best way to keep a man’s favorite buddy looking and feeling good.

Why Use Penile Cream?

Most men wonder if they really need a cream for the penis. Does the penis even need to be moisturized? While the genitals are self-lubricating for both sexes, things like drying soaps, lubricants, and environmental factors can affect the very delicate penile skin. Here are some issues penile creams can help:

– Red, Irritated Skin – It’s a common complaint in the locker room; penile skin can be rough and dry as a result of all the… activity it can get. Also, rubbing up against clothing and underwear can cause chaffing, a red rash-like issue that’s uncomfortable and requires a hands-off period.

– Acne or folliculitis – Inflamed hair follicles get inflamed and nearly every man in the world will experience a pimple on the penis at some point. Acne meds are way too harsh to use in this delicate area, which is why penis creams with vitamin A are usually quite helpful in this case.

– Friction – Friction during intimacy, masturbation, or from daily wear-and-tear can become rough and scaly, sometimes leading to getting caught on fabrics or resulting in injuries to the penis.

What to Look for in a Penis Cream

Most men are curious about what magical ingredients they should look for in an effective, high-quality penis cream. How about these vital nutrients? Here’s a quick rundown on the elements which, when combined, create a soothing, penis health-promoting daily cream:

1) Natural, moisturizing base. When looking for healing, rejuvenating, and extraordinary moisturizing, turn to natural emollients like Shea butter which is so natural, it can be eaten.

2) Vitamin E. Also a wonderful, all-natural moisturizer, vitamin E helps lock in moisture and create a protective layer for delicate penile skin.

3) Vitamin A. This vitamin offers not only anti-aging properties but also keeps skin blemish and bacteria free. This is especially useful in a cream for the penis, because bacteria love warm, moist places! No bacteria means a decrease in infections and fungi (like jock itch) that can disrupt the area!

4) Vitamin C. Tone, elasticity, and improved blood flow are all benefits of vitamin C.

5) Vitamin D. This is ideal for supporting healthy cellular function and overall good health.

6) L-Carnitine. This amino acid helps protect against penis issues like friction, compression, and peripheral nerve damage which can rob a penis of its sensitivity.

8) L-Arginine. When it comes to firmer erections, this amino acid helps dilate the blood vessels, encouraging increased blood flow.

Where can a man find a penile cream with all these ingredients plus other beneficial goodies for penis skin? This penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) has been a winner for tons of men. It includes all the nutrients needed for soothing, healing, and rejuvenating the penis.

Source by John Dugan

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