Penis odor is something that worries all men, as all men eventually have to deal with it. At some point, every man has caught a whiff of himself “down there” and had a moment of pause to consider where that unpleasant odor might have come from! The good news is that for men who suffer from sudden penis odor, a change to better penis care can eliminate the problem.

Good Penis Care to Fight Penis Odor

When a man has that awful scent wafting up from his trousers, he can always turn to better penis care to help him alleviate the issue. Here are some ways he can step up his penis care regimen and help ensure that he’s not dealing with penis odor on a daily basis.

1) Regular washing. Every man knows the importance of regularly washing the penis and surrounding area. But for some men, a daily wash might not be enough. Depending on body chemistry, a man might need to wash twice a day to keep odor problems to a minimum. He should use a mild cleanser for sensitive skin, pat the skin dry after each shower, and follow up with a good penis health oil.

2) Manscaping. The hair down there can keep penis odor alive. Bacteria love to cling to hair, and it might not be easy to remove all of it from the hair even with a good washing. That means that the bacteria can continue to grow and form the odor that men and their partners hate to discover. Those with serious penis odor issues might want to include trimming and shaving in their penis care routine.

3) Wearing the right underwear. The layers of fabric a penis is trapped under throughout the day don’t do it any favors in regard to penis odor. The natural bacteria on the skin multiply in dark, warm places, which is exactly what the penis is dealing with. A man can alleviate this through wearing cotton underwear that allows his penis to “breathe” during the day.

4) Checking in with the doc. Occasionally, a man who has no problems with penis odor before will notice a serious problem with the scent of his body, even though he has ramped up his penis care efforts. In that case, it’s important to see the doctor. Some common conditions, like a yeast infection, can cause a very unpleasant odor that can only be resolved through treatment.

5) Experiment with cleansers. If one cleanser is just not doing the job, a man should consider switching to a new one. He should always avoid anything that includes artificial fragrance, although it might be tempting. The penis is sensitive enough that the added fragrance could cause problems.

6) Turn to baby powder. Look for a baby powder that is free of cornstarch and talc – those are not things a man wants around his junk. The baby powder can help a man smell clean while helping to absorb the sweat that can activate the natural bacteria.

7) Let it all hang out. When a man is dealing with penis odor, going all natural around the house can help fight the problem. When in private, simply walk around with nothing on. When sitting down, place a towel on the surface of the chair or couch to prevent the penis from touching the material there. Doing this for even a short time each day can work wonders for airing things out.

8) Use a good penis health oil. All that washing can dry out the penis skin. The use of a top-notch penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) that includes shea butter and vitamin E can mitigate this. He should also look specifically for an oil with vitamin A, which is known for fighting the bacteria that cause penis odor.

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