Unlike some aphrodisiac colognes that claim to work based on unproven ingredients that have only anecdotal or legendary evidence to prove their effectiveness, Pherlure works based on actual scientific principles. This powerfully attractive cologne works by using the chemicals naturally present in human pheromones, particularly dehydroepiandrosterone.

This chemical is found in underarm sweat, and has proven attractive powers. Women who have been asked to sniff fabric treated with the underarm sweat of various men inevitably found those men much more attractive than men whose sweat they didn’t get to sniff. This was true even if the men who didn’t provide sweat samples were much more physically attractive than the men who did provide sweat.

Women perceive pheromones through the vomeronasal organ–a gland inside the nose that is there for the sole purpose of picking up signals from pheromones. Women don’t even notice the presence of pheromones–these chemicals work on a very subtle basis. However, they respond to them each and every time.

It doesn’t even take a lot of pheromones to attract women. Just one spray of Pherlure on a pulse point such as the neck or wrists is enough to do the job. Men who have tried this product and reported their experiences online have stated that multiple women usually approach them within an hour or less of their arrival at a party or event, and that these women tell them they don’t even know why they feel so attracted. Men who are married and who have experienced the inevitable cooling off of their sex lives have reported amazing reinvigorations that have saved their relationships.

Every animal produces pheromones to attract their mates. Both male and females produce these chemicals. In fact, the majority of sexual attraction has nothing to do with looks or personality. It’s all in the pheromone chemicals our bodies produce. Wearing Pherlure enhances and intensifies this natural process, and from real user experiences reported online, it’s obvious it works.

Source by Freddie Lasso

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