Pheromone pills actually work unlike 90% of pheromone colognes, I personally take these pheromone pills every day and if you follow the directions and take the pheromone pills like you should I will personally guarantee you that you too will notice a dramatic increase in the way females interact with you. The Pheromone Pills are for females as well as males because they prompt your body to actually secrete 100x times the amount of pheromones that it normally would.

Human Pheromone sprays and colognes just dont seem to work by themselves and most of them are a complete scam. Most pheromone sprays are nothing but a big rip off, through trial and error I have found the only human pheromone spray that actually works and comes with 15 mg of actual human pheromones, (8 different pheromones) (The link is in the bottom of this report), If you take the pheromone pills as directed and use the only cologne that I have found that actully works, I can promise you a whole new world of excitement.

(I have taken the pheromone pills everyday and used this particular pheromone cologne for the last 2 months and let me tell you, I have more girlfriends and women than I can shake a stick at and this is no joke…Picking up women used to be hard because I’m not really all that attractive, but with the combination of these revolutionary phermone pills and the Pheromone cologne I use, it’s really unfair, and the beautiful part is you never have to tell a soul what your secret it.

These Revolutionary and all New Human Pheromone pills actually increase your own natural pheromone level by 100%. This is an absolute fact guaranteed by a 100% money back guarantee. The pheromone pills have been developed in an FDA approved facility by scientists that really know what there doing.

We all produce human pheromones but the problem is as we get older our pheromone level decreases,…that with the combination of colognes and deodorants with alcohol in them kill any pheromones that you’re putting off. Some people put off more pheromones than others, and most of the time it’s the younger guys who put off the most human pheromones. (Why is it that you have always herd males reach there sexual peak at 18…it’s because at this age there producing more pheromones and hormones than they know what to do with) Every notice how some guys (even though obviously unattractive) seem to get some of the most beautiful girls. Well let me let you in on a little secret, attraction has nothing to do with looks, some guys just produce a lot more pheromones than others do and the women pick up on this and dont even realise it.

This is an absolute fact from my own experience, Since I have been taking human pheromone pills and spraying the only pheromone cologne of the market that actually works, I have had no problem with women. Women actually approach me now.! NO kidding I can be at a grocery store and women will talk to me, I know it sounds unreal but it is the absolute truth. I have actually had women come up to me and ask what kind of cologne I was wearing, and just the other day I actually had one girl in the club tell me I smelled like sex!! All I could do was smile. Needles to say we hooked up and had a great time.

The biggest problem I have now since taking the pheromone pills and using the pheromone cologene is keeping the women apart, which is were the “Shes my friend routine comes in”…It really helps keep down the drama between the females if you know what I mean, and some of them I dont have to keep apart there cool with whatever I do, long as they can see me too. And every once in a while I’ll get really lucky and meet two girls that are totally cool, if you know what I mean!!

With the New Revolutionary Human Pheromone Pill your body will naturally put off 100x times your Natural Human Pheromones Guaranteed. You will attract more women and get more dates or they will give you a 100% no questions asked refund. These human pheromone pills are the only pill on the market that actually makes you secrete more human pheromones to attract more females or males. (Works for women as well as Men because it triggers your bodys natural ability to actually produce 100x times the pheromones that it normall would)…and this is backed by a 100% no questions asked refund, and take it from a regular user…these pheromone pills along with the special Pheromone Cologne that I use work like nothing I have ever seen or experinced, it’s almost unreal sometimes.)

Source by Millard Jacobs

Desoto, TX 75115

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