Your husband is that one special person in your life whose absence is intolerable, who at times may be egoistic with a huge male ego, but who at the end of the day loves you and only you. However, like every relationship other than blood relation, this delicate relationship needs lots of TLC – tender loving care from both sides. And here we will discuss how to keep the man of your dreams, your real life hero interested in you and only you for a lifelong togetherness.

1. Surprise him with his favourite dish

Too often than not wives either overlook their husband’s favourite dishes or get busy cooking favourite meals of children that the poor husband feels neglected. Take time out from the busy schedule to prepare his favourite dish as well and surprise him with it on the dining table. Your rewards will be too many from a boyish grin to seductive kiss to a roaring bedroom session you never know what may happen over a meal.

2. Plan a weekend getaway for couples

Agreed you have children and you want to take them with you everywhere you want to go. However, just once plan a weekend getaway just for the two of you and then see how your husband’s face light up with naughty ideas.

3. Play out his secret fantasy

You have been married long enough to know some of his if not all of his secret fantasies. Select the one he usually talks about, send the children away for a night either to their grandparents or to some trusted friends (return the favour and they will be happy to do it next time as well) and play it out for him and rekindle that romance of dating days.

4. Write a love letter

Old fashioned yet a powerful and a subtle tool to serenade your husband. Pour your heart into the letter. Decorate it with glitter, paper hearts, and your signature perfume for him to get a whiff of you when he opens the letter. Ensure to write a proper language with no grammatical and spelling errors for more impact. Also don’t overdo the decoration part.

5. Shower him with meaningful gifts

Meaningful gifts are the gifts that he can use everyday like a shower gel, bottle of his favourite perfume, stylish pen, grooming kit. You need to be in tune with his needs for this one so listen when he talks, keep your eyes open when you both go on shopping.

6. Say I Love you often

No matter how much you love him, or take care of him remember one thing that words spoken from heart do have an impact. Of course action speaks louder than words but sometimes words also speak. So let them speak and say ‘I Love You’ as often as you can.

7. Appreciate his efforts

Men don’t wear their hearts on sleeves and so when they want to show that they care they will do practical things to make your life smooth. Appreciate his efforts by planting a passionate kiss on his lips or a sensual massage.

8. Spend time with him

Take time to be with him, to listen to him and love him the way he wants it. You are his wife and lover and he needs both all the time every time.

9. Kisses are always welcome and needed

Keep showering him with kisses – a good morning kiss, good night kiss, good bye kiss. No matter how many times you kiss him he will always be hungry for more so keep him happy with your kisses.

10. Compliments give a boost to his ego

Shower him with compliments especially when his friends or family are in the listening distance and see his chest swell with pride.

Follow these ten steps to romance your husband and see your marriage young and alive for a long time.

Source by Swati Nitin Gupta

Desoto, TX 75115

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