You might think that you are just an average looking guy and it is impossible to for you to seduce a beautiful woman. She is like an unreachable goddess and only good looking men have the ability to attract her. But did you know that even if you are not good looking and not rich or famous you can seduce women if you know how? Seduction is an art that any man can learn and there are ways and techniques to make her fall for you.

Here are some tips to seduce a beautiful woman:

Positive mind set. You do not have to be good looking to seduce a beautiful woman. The first thing you need is the mind set that you are capable and have the ability to attract your dream girl even if you are not the most good looking guy. Think out of the box and do not limit yourself on the things that you can achieve. Even good looking men if they do not know the art of seduction, they may fail to seduce a beautiful woman. There are average looking guys and yet they were able to go home with the girl they desire. No matter how good looking you are if you do not know how to attract and seduce the woman you desire, you may end up as a failure in the dating scene. Some men think that good looks is the only key to attract women not realizing that seduction plays a very important role in the dating scene.

Be honest and confident. To seduce a beautiful woman, you have to be honest and straight forward with her. You do not have to make up stories and lie about yourself for her to go to bed with you. Lay all your cards and open yourself to her and make your intentions known to her.

Good grooming. You do not have to be exceptionally handsome but you must know how to look at your best. Physical attraction is one important factor to seduce a beautiful woman. Learn to dress well, practice good hygiene, appear fresh and stay fit. Men who appear irresistible and know how to carry themselves is a big turn on to women and these qualities will tickle their imagination and awaken their desire to go to bed with you.

Talk to her and make her laugh. Most women are worrier and if you can make them laugh and feel good about themselves, they cannot forget you for that. You can seduce a beautiful woman by taking away all her worries and make her feel safe with you. If you can make women feel good while talking and laughing, women will wonder what it is like to be with you in bed. If you can take away her worries by just talking to her, she will eventually have the desire to be with you in bed if she feels good and happy with you.

Source by Gerry Restrivera

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