Why is it that men want to find out about how to look their best, but unlike women, they don’t talk to their friends about it? Is it that men are so afraid to admit they want to do what it takes to look their personal best? Is it that they learned from childhood and the media that men aren’t supposed to be “into” such things? Is it that they have a fear they will seem feminine if they want to take better care of their skin or hair? Observing men at the skin care counter at various department stores one gets the feeling that before they approach the counter, they look both ways to make sure no one is watching them! God forbid anyone they know may be there and what could be worse then if they walk over to say hello and they’re holding a tube of skin cleanser – what will they think? For whatever the reason is, it’s time men let go of the stereotypical thoughts that prevent them from achieving looking they way the want to. It’s okay to tell your best friend that you found a skin cleanser that you really like. It’s okay to tell your significant other that you found a face scrub that is great. It’s okay to bring up to your guy friends that they must try a moisturizer, shaving cream, razor, etc. that you really like. It’s okay to tell one of your guy friends that they could have better skin if they started taking better care of it.

Men’s grooming products, including skin care, shaving products, hair products, etc. are a booming business. Millions of dollars are made by companies who realize that men want in on looking great. It’s wonderful that we have so many choices these days, but it’s time to start talking about it! Thanks to the internet men can buy products on line without anyone knowing. This is great because we have so many options and you don’t have to leave your home, or risk being seen purchasing such things at the stores. But I ask the men of the world, please consider being more open about your grooming with your friends. Let’s make it easier for the coming generations. If we start now, the labels in the minds of people who judge will change over time.

On another note, there are men who want to look their personal best but don’t have a clue about what to do. In the book “Grooming Secrets For Men” men can finally find out exactly what to do! Everything from how to have perfect skin to how to trim unwanted body hair, to getting the closest shave without irritating your skin, and other great tips are covered. The best part is you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. Be proud of wanting to look your personal best! Remember, the goal is to look your personal best. Be real with yourself and remember the goal is not to look like the guy on the cover of some magazine, but to look the best YOU can look. Another benefit of doing what you can to look your best is that you will feel better about yourself. This of course leads to higher self-esteem and more confidence – what a winning combination to experience!

In conclusion, do your best to look great, be brave and proud to go to the skin care counter to try or buy products, start telling others about what you’re doing to look so good, and always remember that when you do what you can to look your best, you feel your best, and nothing is better than looking and feeling your best.

Source by David Bartky

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