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From the very beginning thyroid issues can be complicated and tricky. Even the initial blood test can be difficult for many doctors to interpret, and the many treatment options can be overwhelming. The thyroid is intimately connected with the workings of the body, from literal movements to feeling and moods. If treated properly, the thyroid issue can often be resolved. But in many instances patients still exhibit signs of a thyroid disorder even after their test results claim they are well.

There are many alternative choices in treating a thyroid issue, running a gambit of holistic and nontraditional options.

Of course exercise is considered a common “remedy” to thwarting thyroid issues. Also, diet can affect thyroid specific health. Many feel that consuming soy products could negatively impact thyroid function. Conversely, many feel that adding coconut oil to the diet can cure thyroid issues.

In truth, there is no one size fits all thyroid cure that is guaranteed to work. Thyroid problems may be caused by many different elements and impact different bodies different. While changes in diet and exercise may help, and go a long way for overall health, it is important to consider the different viewpoints the differing treatments may have. Simply finding a doctor or medical professional who can help you understand what is going on with your specific thyroid can make all the difference.

Regular doctors will usually prescribe a form of T4 thyroid hormone. The thyroid naturally creates two types of thyroid hormones called T3 and T4. Many doctor disregard T3. Many alternative medical physicians feel that T3 may be the key because it is the main hormone the thyroid produces.

Either type of hormone, when prescribed may have risks. The thyroid is supposed to naturally balance hormone levels, and when levels have to be adjusted by prescription the balance can be tweaked. The most common risk with these types of T3 or T4 prescription medications can be heart related complications ranging from heart attack to abnormal heart rhythms.

Many medical professionals will try first to adjust diet and exercise habits to let the thyroid attempt to manage itself better. Along with healthy natural foods and consistent exercise certain vitamins and minerals may be added to daily rituals.

Each thyroid is as different as the individual causes and result of the specific thyroid issue. It is best to team with a medical professional knowledgeable in thyroid issues, and to consider the multitude of options before starting down the road to recovering and reclaiming health.

Source by Dr David Arthur

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