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Thyroid problems are largely a result of an imbalance in your thyroid levels. Any kind of thyroid problem, regardless of cause, leads to a weight problem, and it’s usually drastic – you could find that you are gaining weight, losing it rapidly or maybe you just can’t get rid of it no matter how hard you try! This can then give rise to other weight-related diseases. The ensuing problems are bad whether you suffer from an under-active thyroid an overactive thyroid.

The American Thyroid Association has a publication issued in the interests of people who need thyroid support. This is great considering that over 7 million women in America are sufferers and would dearly love to get some kind of thyroid support.

So, what are the symptoms of thyroid problems? An under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) means that your metabolism isn’t really up to scratch and results in the pounds piling on. An overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) means your metabolism is speeded up and you begin to lose weight. Well, this might seem great for those who want to get that model-like figure real fast but it comes with its own set of problems. Hyperthyroidism can get so bad sufferers could end up with a lot of weakness and even bulging of the eyes. A bad case could mean hospitalization.

Hypothyroidism works in the opposite way. The metabolism slows down to such an extent that you keep putting on weight. This too could leave you weak and could result in serious complication so it must be treated. Without adequate thyroid support, many problems could be caused by fluoride poisoning in the water.

So what options are there for those who need thyroid support []? Well, marine phytoplankton has come to be known as thyroid health food. The electrolytes and nutrients marine phytoplankton possesses are what the human body needs to control metabolic rate. Another natural supplement for thyroid support showing positive results in studies is the juice of the go-ji or lyceum berry from Asia. The fruit is seen as an immunomodulator – it can balance abnormal responses in the body and is seen by many as a natural treatment for thyroid problems.

Are there any vitamins that can be take for thyroid support? Well, kelp is a combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements and has been said to work well in the treatment of thyroid problems. If you are on thyroid medication, be sure to take a good multivitamin with minerals and a few grams of Vitamin C everyday. Vitamin A is also very essential for the treatment of hypothyroidism as enough of it must be present in the body to enable the gland to absorb enough iodine. Adding Vitamin A to your diet could not only prevent thyroid problems, it could also help alleviate the symptoms if you suffer from hypothyroidism. Make sure your food is rich in copper, which means that you will have to include thyroid foods like yeast, offal, nuts, raisins, and eggs. Just a little care and you could minimize your problems and offer thyroid support.

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