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Choose the right time of the day – morning is usually the best time to exercise for most people. But with hypothyroidism, this may not be the best time for you. You will likely wake up already feeling exhausted.

Exercise can be a great treatment for hypothyroidism, but you must determine when you are most energetic and exercise at this time. This may be in the evening, in the afternoon, or late in the morning.

And if fatigue continues to be a problem, then you must focus on undemanding exercises like yoga or walking.

Build muscle – this may be the last thing on your exercising to-do list. But building muscle is important in many ways. Not only will you be strong, but having more muscle has been proven to burn more fat by increasing metabolism, even when you are at rest.

There are lots of exercises you can use to build muscle. If you would like to do them at home, then you can buy free weights to use. Alternatively, you can build muscle with strength training exercises. These include pushups, lunges, leg raises, and squats. If these aren’t for you, then visit any nearby gym; you will find a good selection of equipment aimed at building muscle.

Get motivated to exercise – when just getting started with exercise, you will likely be very motivated. You will see yourself exercising every day. However, it does not take long before all this motivation disappears. And you may soon find yourself sedentary.

But there are lots of tricks you can use to keep your motivation. One of them is by listening to music while you exercise. This makes the workout fun and it distracts you so you don’t pay attention to your exhaustion.

Secondly, you can also try working out with friends. Just make sure that your goals are not broadly different. This will ensure that you do the same exercises most of the times.

Create fitness goals – it is pointless to start exercising without first having a goal; you won’t know what you would like to gain in the end. And chances of losing your motivation are high.

Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want to build muscle? Whatever it is that you want, make sure that it’s specific. And it helps to write it down so you can look at it at least once a day.

Don’t do the same exercise every day – the body can easily adapt to exercises. And when this happens, you stop making gains and exercises become less taxing. If possible, try to do a different exercise every time. If this is not an option, then keep altering the exercise you do; for example, if you only walk, you may try walking for 30 minutes today, 45 minutes tomorrow, and 35 minutes the day after while carrying a bag.

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