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The title of this article – ‘Weight Loss For Wimps’ does not assume that those of you who choose to read it really are ‘Wimps’, but rather, that you are as normal as ‘most’ people who walk the planet. Losing weight is often described by those who have a will of iron and a desire to ‘win’ at all costs, as just a matter of self-control and the ability to follow a pre-determined diet and exercise regime.

Yes, that will work for them, especially as they probably already have the metabolism that will burn off the extra pounds with just a little added effort on their part. But for us ‘Wimps’ who don’t have a will of iron or ADHD to get the work done, those extra pounds can seem as stubborn to move as a Spanish Donkey. We diet as hard as we can. We exercise when we remember to, we read all the right books and watch the right DVD’s and still those pounds don’t budge an inch. In fact, more often than not, we’ve put more pounds ‘on’.

So……What’s going on? Why, after all our efforts do we get nowhere when trying to lose that ‘poundage’? Are we failures?  Are we Wimps?  Or are we just ‘normal’ people with too much weight and the worry of an early death, as promised by all and sundry if we don’t lose it?

The Truth is, we Wimps worry about the weight. We worry all the time that we’re not losing it. We get ourselves stressed, especially when the scales show no movement, or negative movement.

A fact here, is that stress can actually ’cause’ weight gain. When we’re stressed we lose sleep, and sleep is known to be beneficial in losing weight. As are power-naps during the day.

Our hero’s who have the will of iron are usually also very busy people with a more dynamic lifestyle than we Wimps. They don’t have enough time in the day to ‘worry’ about their weight, and they sleep like logs because they’ve filled their days with physical and mental activity.

Their dieting and exercising through the day are not things they worry about. They are just ‘tasks’ to be achieved or completed. No worrying, just get on with it and complete it. Because they see losing weight as the end result of determined actions, they have a far different mindset to most of us Wimps, and that mindset is extremely effective.

The moral of this story is…….Not to worry, just do the business. Get on with living to a pre-determined schedule. Don’t allow yourself to be bored, even if it means ‘finding’ things to do which you wouldn’t normally try. You will have a much better nights sleep, and that’s when your weight will be gently dissolved from your body. The results will surely follow.

In fact, a fully occupied mind in your waking hours is the healthiest way to live your life. Laziness, apathy or general day-dreaming about what might have been, or what could be, will cause internal turmoil and stress, with the natural outcome being weight gain even if we’re not eating excessively.

I realise that we all know many people who appear to contradict that previous argument. They work like troopers, they never sit still for long, they chatter away as if the power of speech was soon going to be lost, but still they are ‘large’ by any standards. This is very common, and while not an illness, it is because their body doesn’t have the relevant ‘gene’ in their DNA switched on that dissolves the excess fatty tissues.

These DNA triggers were observed in serious research that was done involving many sets of identical twins that share ‘the same’ DNA as each other. Where one twin, while leading a very similar lifestyle as their sibling would pile on the pounds regardless of diet or exercise. It was observed that although they shared the same genes, each gene needs to be ‘triggered’, either by certain vitamins or chemical conditions within the body.

This is why certain ‘natural’ supplements can help some people lose their stubborn weight when all else fails. It’s not some magical cure, or magic pill, it’s simply like lighting the blue touchpaper on a firework and standing back to watch in amazement as the chemicals go to work once ignited. Our body is an amazing structure, and at last, through the research of our DNA, genes have been singled out as the ‘control buttons’ of everything that happens within it.

Cures for everything will be ‘gene driven’, but it’s a painfully slow process. Already, we are seeing some cancer cures benefiting from the research. Weight loss is obviously a low priority. So in the meantime, we have to take control of it ourselves.

Probably the best route is to invest a little time reading up on the benefits of natural supplements that might trigger those latent genes in your own metabolism.  

Source by Pete Moring

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