There are unlimited varieties of perfumes available in the market these days. Depending on one’s personal choice, one can go in for any of these. There are so many that there is no way a person cannot find one for personal use! Every individual has a different sense of taste and hence there are different flavors of body mists. There is however no officially confirmed categorization of fragrances but a rough division can be easily made. Following are some of the main fragrance divisions:

  • Floral/ flowery fragrances – This is the oldest and still the most common type of body spray. In olden days, flowers were the only things that were used to create colognes and sprays. Flowers have an innate pleasant smell and wearing such an impressive smell can be a sheer delight. Being usually associated with femininity, these are considered to be summer aromas. Mostly people steer clear from using such mild whiffs in winters. Floral scents are basically to be worn during summers. This category can further be sub-divided into further classification depending on the particular type of flower.
  • Oceanic Mists – This is another widely used summer scent. The synthetic constituents used herein smell like fresh and gushing oceanic waves. These can be used by men and women both. These give off a very pleasing, invigorating and fresh aroma.
  • Fruit fragrances – These are very mild and therefore give off an extremely agreeable scent. Melon, orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine and strawberry are the most commonly available fruity flavors. These are obviously counted as gentle feminine flavors. Almost every scent brand comes out with a fruity essence and this is why these are the most commonly found of all.
  • Green aromas – As the name suggests, these are usually related with the environment. Something that takes a person into the world of grass, woods, rain, lavender, sour apples or anything alike will come out to be so satisfying. These overly pleasing perfumes are ‘Oh so!’ tempting! These are pretty much common and readily available.
  • Chypre – This is a very unique sub division and is hence not pretty common. Then, there are a lot many people who cannot particularly stand such a type of scent. The oak moss aroma gives it a very typical whiff of soil. Since this is the basic note, it contributes a great deal. Besides this, there are many other complementary notes in this like rose, patchouli, bergamot etc. All these have a very unique and distinctive mist and are hence not digested by all.
  • Oriental – For all those who are specifically looking out for exotic flavors like sandalwood, spices, resin, herbs etc, oriental is the best choice. Again, these are not liked by all the people. Some really despise the whiff of spices so it is basically a matter of choice. These are known to be really strong.

All perfumes smell satisfying regardless of the sub division they belong to. For the sake of convenience, sub division has to be done.

Source by Jason D Nichols

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