Okay, ladies: listen up! I am here to tell you what men want for Christmas. It isn’t cologne and it isn’t some awful looking tie. Please! It could be NFL playoff tickets, but we know that prices for them are through the roof. Instead, us guys want stuff that is both useful and practical something we won’t pretend to like and hide away in our closets, but stuff that we will use all the time. I’ve made a list to make it easy on you as I know how hard it can be for us guys to communicate to our gals.

1. NFL Tickets!!! No, wait! You can go to eBay and get “discounted” tickets for a mid-January meeting between the Giants and some other team for a lot less than what you’ll pay through a neighborhood scalper. How many fans do you think will put up with ten degree Meadowlands cold on a January day to see the Giants. Oh, yeah, I forgot: plenty. Tickets are likely to go for one or two thousand a piece!

2. Hockey Time. More down to earth in price are NHL hockey tickets. Heck, the toothless boys sat out the season last year and everyone is chomping at the bit to see them play. With no strike on the horizon, your guy is likely to be able to see a complete game. All that bloodletting and head bashing for a song! For grins, get him Stanley Cup tickets. Nothing beats watching a hockey game in June when it is 93 degrees outside!

3. To The Islands! No, not Staten Island and certainly not Long Island. A January or February trip to a warmer climate will be both reasonably priced and fun. Just don’t pick a place that was trashed by one of the 23 tropical systems that attacked the Caribbean, the Americas and the Gulf Coast this year. No telling what amenities are in place! One rule: have the grandparents come to your house to watch the kid. Junior getting the flu is no reason for you not to go! [Blush!]

4. Get Tools. Yes, if your man enjoys tinkering around the house, get him an electric saw, a power drill, or anything else that he can use to fix that darn, lose railing in the family room! [wink, wink] If you aren’t sure what to get him, a gift certificate will do. Sounds tacky? Well, it certainly beats a “thanks, dear” when he opens up his gift and finds a water pump inside!

5. Stuff For His Truck. What a guy really wants is something for his truck. Nah, let him get his own gun rack and ammo; I’m talking about a cold air intake or a performance chip. Something that brings power to the ole pick up! What am I saying? Get him something that he can really use that will bring a smile to his face. Performance exhaust systems, Altezza lights, roof rails, side window vents, fog lights, truck liners, step rails, brake dust shields, hitches, alloy wheels, a set of new tires, head light covers, hood protectors, and an engine pulley are some of the items that are sure to be hot this Christmas. He’ll be happy and he will think you know something about his truck – hey, you are the one who wants him to talk with you, right?

Still not sure? Then ask. Chances are I already mentioned something that he wants. If you are low on cash a set of new truck mats will suffice, but please let him pick the color.

Some how Summer Rose floor mats just don’t match his Silverado’s interior!

Source by Matthew Keegan

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