I asked my friend Julia what she thought of pheromones for women and this wis what she wrote to me:

“Someone Like You was a movie that came out a few years ago. Like many romantic comedies, it was light-hearted and a bit silly, but it was a fun movie to watch.

In particular, I remember a scene in which the female protagonist, played by Ashley Judd went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist to have her “erotic nose brain” removed. She states….

“I want my erotic nose brain removed. My emegulata. The organ that processes erotic senses deep within my nasal cavity that then connects to memory. Well. let me see if I can explain this.

I had a boyfriend that smelled really, really good.

Like soap, fresh laundry and vanilla and whenever I smell any of those things I’m reminded of my boyfriend and how happy we were and he dumped me for no good reason and I get really sad and angry and before I know it I am in the throws of an all out emotional breakdown and I was just thinking that if I could short circuit my nose somehow, I might actually have a chance of living a semi-normal life someday.”

Yes, she was in love with a man who unceremoniously dumped her and she was devastated. She couldn’t get past the idea that whenever she smelled vanilla, fresh laundry or soap, she would think of this man that she loved and lost.

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced this sort of chemical association. But one thing the movie never touched upon was the natural human scent.


Sure, we can wear perfume, bathe in lavender, and smooth cocoa butter on our skin, but our natural pheromones can affect those smells as they lay on our body.

This is why my friend Julia can’t wear Chanel No. 5, but her friend Susan can.

Their body chemistry is different, their natural women’s pheromones are different, so perfumes and colognes end up smelling different on them.

So, now you are probably wondering what a pheromone is and how it can help a woman attract a man or a guy to attract women.

Subliminal scents-sex attractants or pheromones-influence how animals develop, mate, bond, and nurture their offspring. Humans are no different.

Odors can control women’s menstrual cycles, and even influence sexual orientation. They help us tell a stranger from a lover or family member, They can even affect how often we have sex, how our brains develop, what we remember, and how we learn.

So, yes, the character in Someone Like You was affected by the scent she remembered from her lover. Whatever that scent smelled like to her was affected by his natural pheromones.

And although she is just a character in a movie, this sort of memory by scent occurs every day-to each and every one of us.

Can we enhance that attraction? Is there a scent that we can use that will mix well with our own body chemistry so we can perhaps appeal MORE to someone to whom we are attracted?

The answer is yes.

There are pheromones on the market for men and for women. They mix with our natural body chemistry and increase our attractiveness to others. It may take some experimentation to get the best pheromones for your chemistry, but is definitely worth the trouble.

Better yet, you can wear your sexy cologne or perfume along with the pheromone, and it will wake up the sense of smell of your target.

Then, he or she will intentionally make an effort to get a good whiff of you-that’s when the pheromones go to work. The fragrance works as a carrier for the pheromones.

The best thing to do is try it. Purchase some pheromone, wear it with your perfume, and try it out at a crowded party or dance. You may be amazed to find that you will attract more people than usual!

It’s also likely that the pheromone will even make you feel a bit happier, friskier, or more positive. After all, it doesn’t just affect those people to whom you are attracted, it affects you as well.

Yes, there is an erotic nose brain, and scientists probably have a name for it.

You would have to agree that our sense of smell can affect things we remember-which very often have to do with sex and sexual attraction.

Pheromones are at the center of this animal attraction and have a powerful influence on us…even if we don’t realize it.

Keep this in mind the next time you dab a bit of perfume or cologne on your neck! You may want to add some pheromone to the mix…just to be sure.”

Don’t take my word for it. Take it from the girl who knows the nose…

thanks for reading.,


Source by Phillip Billitz

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