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The 3D-printed “Chaos Zero Gravity” is poised to become the fastest and most extreme street-legal car ever.

(SP Automotive)

(SP Automotive)

Before the automotive community could come to a consensus on what differentiates a hypercar from a supercar, a Greek outfit called Spyros Panopoulos Automotive is adding “ultracar” to the vernacular in announcing the street-legal Chaos Zero Gravity.

(SP Automotive)

Proposed specs are indeed “ultra.” The company’s own 4.0-liter twin-turbo V10 develops 3,065 horsepower and 1,463 pound-feet of torque as it revs to near-superbike revs of 12,200 rpm, Autoblog reports.

(SP Automotive)

The Chaos Zero Gravity will blast off to 62 mph in 1.55 seconds onto 124 mph in around 3.2 seconds. It’ll flying at Autobahn speeds by the time many lesser supercars have clocked 60 mph from naught. Top speed is estimated to be 310 mph.

The componentry is also absurd, starting with an engine built around either a billet aluminum or 3D-printed magnesium block with 3D-printed camshaft and pistons. The same metals are also used to forge the turbochargers encased in carbon fiber piping.

(SP Automotive)

The wheels are titanium up front, magnesium in back, and beautifully bizarre all around, with a tentacle-like five-spoke design that looks like it was ripped off a modern art gallery’s wall.

The monocoque chassis is made of synthetic polymer Zylon, while the body employs a mix of magnesium, carbon fiber and titanium parts crafted using SP Automotive’s own “Anadiaplasi” 3D-printing technique.

(SP Automotive)

Inside is a coming-together of carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium and Zylon with Alcantara seats—the steering wheel especially echoes the rims’ twisted metal design.

SP Automotive plans to build 120 cars priced at $14.4 million each, with Sotheby’s set as the exclusive distributor. Top Gear will reportedly receive an example to test in 2022, at which point the world will see if the Chaos Zero Gravity can back up its record-setting claims.

(SP Automotive)


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